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Clanfield Dentures : Hampshire Dentist

Dentures are an alternative solution to missing teeth, they are no longer flat and bulky. New methods ensure that these hand-crafted dentures are so natural that no-one will know they are not your own teeth
  • Complimentary Consultations to discuss  personal requirements
  • Explanation of the different denture types
  • Advice on how best to proceed
  • Options
  • We will then write to you with details of what was discussed and list your options and all costs so that you, the patient can make an      informed choice about your treatment and the associated costs
  • From your initial consultation to final fit usually takes around four to six weeks and after your final fitting Sandra will be available if     you require any adjustments
  • 1 year review consultation to make sure everything is as it should be and they your dentures are still fitting well

To construct aesthetically pleasing dentures with comfort and function is one of hardest tasks in dentistry. We are not only replacing lost teeth, but also compensating for bone loss and very often sunken facial profiles which can age patients up to 10 years prematurely. Careful, calculated consideration of each individual’s anatomy is essential for outstanding results to be gained in this delicate area. As well as restoring your smile, Sandra can correct the proportions of your face adding volume and achieve a more natural, youthful effect.

Your dentures are made to be lifelike, durable and functional. Sandra prides herself on producing products, which improve your appearance, confidence and daily function.