A Fee Update

Dear Valued Patients

Review of prices June 2022

The purpose of this update is to advise our patients that we will be increasing our fee per item prices by up to 20% from June 2022 – there is no need for you to take any action at this time.

Given the unique landscape of 2020-2022, I wanted to take a few moments to explain how we approach the subject of price reviews.

In considering adjustments to prices, we have regard to the following factors:

1.Changes in our external costs – such as laboratory fees, material costs and, especially this year, the overall increase in energy costs.

2.Changes in our internal costs – such as wages, professional services, insurances and all the other day to day running expenses of a business.

We also take the view that regular but small adjustments every year are better, in the long run, that significant increases with gaps between them – it is easier for our patients to plan their own finances if we do that.

At all times, our over-riding objective is to continue to deliver a customer service experience and to deliver clinical care to the best of our ability and in a safe environment for all.

Please refer to our Fair Pricing Policy for a more detailed explanation – and we are welcome to any constructive feedback or questions.

Yours truly,

Dr Nigel Pepperman


South Lane Dental

Fair Pricing Policy