Our Approach

When you arrive, a member of our Team will greet you and invite you to take a seat in the patient lounge. There, you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee, or read a magazine until your appointment time.

Our Approach

We limit the number of appointments each day and you will be escorted to your appointment by a member of your dental team.

We provide clinical excellence, employ the most up-to-date dentistry techniques. For example, we use low-dose digital x-ray systems that provide the dentist with immediate access to your images.

Our Approach

While we invest in technology, our greatest investment is in our staff who receive continual training and career development.

Complimentary parking is available at the rear of the practice and there are public car parks within short walking distance.

We are able to provide ramp access to the practice with a downstairs surgery that is wheelchair accessible, ensuring all patients can access our dental care.

We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring you experience professional and comfortable treatment during your visit.

Our Approach
Your Care & Comfort

The patient lounge and treatment areas are air conditioned, with a range of refreshments and reading material. Treatment rooms are equipped with Echo Dots and an extensive range of music so just ask if you want something in particular to be playing in the background.

The practice is decorated to provide a calming ambience, and our highly trained staff will put at ease any anxieties you may have.

If you are a nervous patient then talk to the team. We are here to alleviate your worries, and often talking through your fears will make you feel more relaxed. It is important that you can talk to your dentist openly and comfortably.

Try to be open and honest with your dentist if you feel embarrassed about the condition of your teeth or your lack of previous dental care.

Your Budget

We will tell you of any treatment needed in advance and provide you with an estimate. Where possible we will provide you with information and costing of all treatment options available.

Once you have met the team, and received your estimate and treatment plan, we can then discuss the payment options available

Your Safety & Wellbeing

The practice is fitted with the latest sterilisation equipment to ensure the safety of both patients and staff.

All team members are fully immunised and attend regular courses on cross-infection control. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and a member of the team will explain our detailed protocol.

South Lane Dental complies with the requirements of HTM 01-05. Full details of our Infection control policy can be made available to patients on request.

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