Re-opening? Please do not attend any pre-booked appointments in June.

If we have not confirmed you appointments by phone then please do not attend the practice.

If you have seen our latest newsletter then you will be aware that we were shocked by the news last Thursday evening (28th May) when the Government briefing stated that we were re-opening on the 8th June! As delighted as we are to be told we can see our patients again, they have not given the whole story.

We are busy working away trying to reconfigure the way we see all our patients whilst adhering to social distancing (where possible) and writing (and re-writing) new policies and protocols which are changing quicker than we can type them. We are carrying out staff training, PPE testing, ordering (re-ordering) and recommissioning/testing all the equipment that has been out of use.

This means that, for now we are going to be prioritising patients who have been in pain, or suffered with their teeth during this period that we have been closed. (no routine appointments yet!)

We are running just one treatment room a day to start with, until the lockdown/risk levels reduce, due to patient and staff health and safety being of the utmost importance.

Link to our latest Newsletter here.

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We really can't wait to see you, although the whole process will be very different for a while.

Remember to keep checking on here for updates (we are also on Facebook and Instagram!)


Take care. Stay Safe. (and brush those teeth!)



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